Pinebrook Family Services

Pinebrook Family Services

First Generation is proud to kick off our third year of the “12 Weeks of Christmas” program with a $1,000 donation to Pinebrook Family Services, a local non-profit agency committed to promoting the well-being and self-sufficiency of the children, young adults and families in the community.

Pinebrook Family ServicesThroughout their 34 years serving the Greater Lehigh Valley, Pinebrook has offered adoption programs, behavioral health services, foster care placement and additional community-based services in their three locations. Their website provides statistics on their assistance to 2,130 Lehigh Valley children, young adults and adults in the 2012/2013 program year:

•    78% of clients served annually received Behavioral Health Services
•    Adoption Services accounted for 6.5% of Pinebrook clients
•    7.5% of Pinebrook clients were served in Placement Services
•    Other Community-Based Services accounted for 8% of Pinebrook clients

Pinebrook’s mission to strengthen the family unit stems from their belief that “strong families are the foundation for a healthy, stable community.” In addition to helping individuals, Pinebrook is also involved in many community-based programs.

Families Strong as SteelOn Thursday, November 7, Pinebrook will be hosting the 34th Anniversary Families…Strong as Steel Luncheon at the Event Center at blue in Bethlehem, PA. This fundraiser will highlight true success stories of the families aided by Pinebrook’s generosity and unwavering support. 100% of the proceeds will be utilized to ensure the perpetuation of Pinebrook’s community-based prevention, treatment, placement and adoption services. 25% of the total raised will be used specifically to assist children, young adults and families with little or no health care insurance who are in need of outpatient behavioral health services. Longtime Pinebrook supporters, Bob and Marissa Burkholder, will serve as Honorary Chairs at the annual luncheon. For more information about this event, contact Pinebrook’s Development Department at 610-432-3919 or email

Pinebrook continues to reinforce community growth through their dedication to improving family life. Please visit the links below to learn more about this incredible organization and how you can help them continue to provide the best services possible.

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•    Volunteer at Pinebrook Family Services
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