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Victory House

First Generation has proudly made our eleventh $1,000 donation today to Victory House of Lehigh Valley through the “12 Weeks of Christmas” program. Victory House is a non-profit community-based organization in Bethlehem, PA, committed to addressing the problems of homeless men—veterans and non-veterans between the ages of 18 and 65. Since 1985, Victory House has helped over 3,500 homeless men regain their lives.

Victory-House-2Their facility offers a 24-hour emergency shelter, transitional housing and supportive services to get both veteran and non-veteran men back on their feet.  During their stay, these men take part in re-education programs and are required to give back to the community through community service.

In 2012, Victory House provided:

•    Shelter on 11,936 nights for 111 homeless men
•    Transitioning for 71 homeless men into independent housing
•    29,768 meals (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) to 111 men
•    A resource for 45% unemployed homeless men to secure jobs with 94% maintaining employment
•    111 homeless men with a health assessment and/or health care services
•    77 (84%) of the 86 homeless men help with identifying the need for addictions services to remain drug and alcohol free
•    111 homeless men with referral and mental health services
•    111 homeless men with employment services and assistance

Victory-House-4We urge you to donate your time and/or money to charities this holiday season. They are very important to our community and need our help! To learn how you can help Victory House, please visit the links below.

•    Learn more about Victory House of Lehigh Valley
•    Donate to Victory House of Lehigh Valley
•    Volunteer at Victory House of Lehigh Valley
•    Upcoming Victory House of Lehigh Valley Events
•    Like Victory House of Lehigh Valley on Facebook

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