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Turning Point LV

First Generation is excited to recognize Turning Point of Lehigh Valley as the latest recipient of a $1,000 donation as part of our ongoing “12 Weeks of Christmas” program. Turning Point, a non-profit organization committed to eliminating domestic violence in the Lehigh Valley, offers safe shelters for domestic violence abuse victims.

Turning Point LVDuring the victims’ temporary stay at their shelters, they are offered counseling, court advocacy, support groups, a family services program, life skills, education and transitional living programs. Their website lists the organization’s three-fold mission:

•    Work toward the elimination of domestic violence
•    Increase community awareness of the problem
•    Empower victims of domestic violence by providing shelter and support services

Turning Point LVFG was honored to make a donation to Turning Point because of their assistance to more than 5,000 victims of domestic violence in Lehigh and Northampton counties each year. Learn how you can help! For more information on Turning Point, please contact the organization or visit the links below.

•    Donate to Turning Point of Lehigh Valley
•    Volunteer at Turning Point of Lehigh Valley
•    Upcoming Turning Point of Lehigh Valley Events
•    Like Turning Point of Lehigh Valley on Facebook
•    Follow Turning Point of Lehigh Valley on Twitter

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