Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation

Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation

First Generation has proudly made our sixteenth donation this year through the “12 Weeks of Christmas” program, contributing $1,000 to the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation (PVF).

PA Veterans FoundationWorking tirelessly to pursue their mission of “serving all who served,” PVF lends assistance and support to Pennsylvania Veterans and their families. PVF recently celebrated its two-year anniversary since its establishment in November 2011 as a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation and charitable organization.

The foundation supports several charitable organizations and has the following educational goals for its establishment:

•    to assist Pennsylvania Veterans in need of shelter and the necessities of living
•    to provide aid, comfort, assistance, and support for Pennsylvania Veterans, including Veterans of war or armed conflict and peacetime Veterans, and their families
•    to honor the rich history of Pennsylvania Veterans and the contributions and sacrifices of Veterans by providing public education and information
•    to solicit and receive grants, donations, gifts, and legacies from other foundations, charitable organizations, Veterans’ service organizations, corporations, individuals and other entities

PA Veterans FoundationThe Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation graciously accepts donations “in honor of” a friend or loved one who is a veteran or “in memory of” a veteran who sacrificed their life for our freedom. Please consider donating to this charitable organization to help PVF honor our veterans.

More information about how to become involved with this admirable organization can be found through the links below:

•    Learn more about the PA Veterans Foundation
•    Read Testimonials of PA Veterans
•    Like PA Veterans Foundation on Facebook

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