Today, First Generation was pleased to present our twentieth and final $1,000 donation through the “12 Weeks of Christmas” program to CONCERN. CONCERN, a private non-profit child welfare agency, is dedicated to meeting the needs of abused, neglected, and delinquent children and youth.

CONCERN has provided foster care and delinquency services to over 14,000 children and teens since 1978. Founded with three foster parents and eight foster children, CONCERN has grown to 17 office sites with a range of children and youth services, from foster care to delinquency services and counseling.

ConcernCONCERN operates several regional offices in Pennsylvania, including an office in Bethlehem. To assist with various needs of children in care, CONCERN accepts donations through semi-annual mail appeals, special events and unsolicited donations. These donations are applied towards programs such as the Special Needs Fund and the STAR (Supporting Teens After Release) Fund.

For more details on how you can assist this community-driven organization, please visit the links below:

•    About CONCERN
•    Donate to CONCERN
•    Become a Foster Parent
•    Learn More About CONCERN’s Services
•    Like Concern on Facebook

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